After a lifetime of hearing people say "if you don't vote, don't complain", reading a story in the Detroit Free-Press about a big voter turnout potentially being a national embarrassment, had me puzzled. How could this be?

Well, the logic behind this does take a bit of having to buy into it, but here goes. Because of changes in absentee voting laws here in Michigan along with a large voter turnout, which is being predicted by more than a few "experts", all this could overwhelm local election officials, and that could delay the counting of ballots by a day or two at the very least. The new absentee ballot rules saw many Michiganders taking advantage of them in 2019. But, election clerks can't begin to start counting those absentee ballots until 7am on Election Day. Add to that, people being allowed to register to vote right through Election Day. The fear is that those same election officials who will have record amounts of absentee ballots to count will also be tied up registering new voters on the day of the election. Thus, in a critical election, it could all come down to waiting on Michigan ballots being counted. Think Florida "hanging chads".

Well, first of all, Florida survived "the embarrassment" just fine. People haven't suddenly stopped moving to or visiting the "Sunshine State."

But, ultimately, isn't this what we want to happen? For all the voter registration drives, and the public service announcements urging citizens to register, wouldn't this be a screaming sign of success?

Maybe we need to remind our leaders of "be careful what you wish for. You might get it."

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