Jim Higgs already had a big thanks from The Eagles themselves when they performed at Van Andel Arena in September of 2014. Now in a Rolling Stone magazine story, Don Henley had re-told the story.

Eagles Jim Higgs
Photo courtesy of the Higgs family. Used by permission.

"Best of My Love" became a hit after a DJ in the Midwest started playing it and the song took off. How surprised were you that it took that route to success?
Don Henley:
We had more or less given up hope for the success of the On the Border album, and we'd begun work on the next album. So, when "The Best of My Love" took off, it was like a resurrection, a miracle. Totally unexpected. On our last tour – the History of the Eagles Tour – we tracked down that DJ, Jim Higgs (who had broken the song at station WKMI in Kalamazoo, Michigan), and we invited him to our show in Grand Rapids. His daughter brought him, and we had a nice visit backstage, thanked him for his early support and took some photographs. It was a sweet moment, and I'm glad we got the chance to acknowledge him in person. He wasn't expecting it, and I think it made him very happy.


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