Chances are you may have already read the story in the past week of how WKMI legend Jim Higgs played a big part in not only making the Eagles' Best of My Love their first number one hit, but also helping position the Eagles as one of the preeminent bands of the 70's and beyond.

If you haven't, the Reader's Digest version is, while the record label was pushing "James Dean", Higgs liked "Best of My Love" cut off the album, started playing that on WKMI, and the audience fell in love with it, and well, the rest is rock and roll history.

On Monday night, Higgs (and family) finally got a chance to meet up with the band ahead of their show at Van Andel Arena.

And got a shout out during the show from none other than Glenn Frey, as did WKMI.

Eagles Higgs Family
Photo courtesy of the HIggs family.


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