This is one of those products that screams out, "hey, you seem like a drunk on the go," or, "you strike me as needing hard liquor at all times." Well whatever your alcoholic beverage desires are, there's a new water additive that you can get here in Kalamazoo, or any of your favorite local Walmart stores, that can change the flavor of your water to resemble Rosé wine, and just in time for Wine Not? 2020.

Now the validity of this product is based on a post made by Candyhunting on Instagram who says: "Even Walmart is getting in on the rosé trend! They now have a Great Value brand Rosé Wine water enhancer." This product must be brand new because it isn't even listed on Walmart's website as of today. But food and drink sites like Delish and Thrillist are reporting that you can find it at your local store, so I guess there's only one way to find out.

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