I have an unconfirmed report that Hooters in Lansing in closing on Saturday. My friend is a bartender there and she posted it is closing this weekend. I asked her why and she said "lack of business."

We have known Hooters a long time. In the featured pic, they brought me wings to the OLD WMMQ studio 10 years ago. I once got to judge a Miss Hooters contest. Prior to my gig in radio, my wife took me there for a birthday and had the girls come sing Happy Birthday. I was so embarrassed, I told my wife if she ever pulls that again... There would be HELL to pay.

A lot of people have fond memories of WINGS or watching a fight but after this weekend, Hooters in Lansing will be no more.

That was always the joke.... "The food is good."

Sure, people went there for the food.