There are several small islands in the St Mary River between Sault St Marie on the Upper Peninsula's mainland and Sugar Island. And they carry the most unimaginative names possible: Island Number 1, Island Number 2, Island Number 3 and Island Number 4. Island Number 2 is being given a new name.

The Soo Evening News reports the city is christening portions of the island with new names part of a new park designation. A large portion of the island will be called Voyageur Island Park while a smaller portion will bear the name Heron Island Park.

The city's vision,

is to develop a hiking trail and boardwalk on the island, accessible only by the water.
Visitors will be able to kayak or canoe from either Rotary Park or the Harvey Marina to visit the new park.
“We’ve got the old buildings cleaned up and ready to be moved out of the way,” said Doughterty of the work already completed on the island.
Divided into phases, Doughtery anticipated that the island will be ready to host visitors by July 1 and floating docks and storage lockers should be in place before the summer ends.
“The timetable on this is just astounding to me,” said Commissioner Ray Bauer, noting the project had just been approved in March.
Mayor Anthony Bosbous also had kind words for those involved in developing the trail to draw canoers and kayakers.
“We benefit as citizens,” he observed.

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