This month, I'm covering some of the horror movies filmed or based in Michigan, to get you ready for Halloween. There have been a LOT of movies filmed or based here, and so far, we've covered some classic and recent movies. Next up, a more pop-culture scary movie, and the fourth in the series. Scream 4.

Not the best of the series, not the worst, this one brings things home to Woodsboro, as Sidney Prescott comes home on the anniversary of the original massacre from Scream.

Of COURSE things immediately go south, as bodies start to pile up. Ghostface is back, and coming after Sidney and the gang.

There's also a new batch of kids involved, and some new ones replace some of the parts from earlier movies. The movie nerd who lays out the rules in the first three movies is (SPOILER ALERT) dead. So now, two kids who film everything lay out the new rules for the movie, including the obligatory "film the murders" plotline.

Dewey is still my favorite character in the series, masterfully portrayed by David Arquette, and when he was still married to Courteney Cox. He's stupid as hell, but so much fun. Parodied as "Doofy" in the Scary Movie franchise, he's the best character in the bunch.

This movie was filmed all over Michigan. Ann Arbor is the main set for filming, with the school shots being Woodworth Middle School in Dearborn, Michigan, the police station is the former 16th District Court in Livonia, Michigan, and the bookstore in the movie is actually in downtown Northville, Michigan named Next Chapter Bookstore Bistro.

Look for your favorite Michigan landmarks in each of these towns while watching the movie!

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