I've seen RV and Semis turned into luxury mobile homes, and I've seen people turn burned out airplane fuselages into luxury stationary homes... but... never a burned out plane fuselage turned into a luxury RV... UNTIL NOW!

Meet Gino Lucci of Nashville, Michigan - a retired US Air Force Member who has apparently been dreaming of turning a plane into an RV most of his life.

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It's a fun concept when you're eight years old (which is how old Gino was when he dreamt up the idea). But at that age, you get an idea like that, and you build it out of building blocks, or Legos.

Gino actually did it... eventually.

He had a love of a particular plane, the F4 Phantom, which were called the Fabulous Phantoms, and his wife loved flamingos. So, his new creation (not made from an F4 Phantom II) was dubbed the Fabulous Flamingo.


The plane fuselage is actually from a 1943 Douglas F4D aircraft. Gino's son found it in Raleigh, Missouri, for sale, and the family hopped on it. The plane was in rough shape, being grounded for about 30 years, but soon they had it on their property, back in Michigan, and began work.

The plane's body was fused to the chassis of an old delivery truck, and once the bones were secure, and the plane structurally sound on the truck, they got to work on the inside.

Within a year, the truck... er... plane... was road-ready.

"Sometimes I can't believe I did it. It means a lot to see people get so excited that this ride is made out of pure love. It's a labor of love."

And SOMEHOW, they managed to do this entire build for right around $20,000. That's cheaper than a new car, and this one has living space, switches, dials, ejection seats, flares (not really), and looks SUPER COOL!

Watch the "Ridiculous Rides" video below on the Lucci's unique ride, and scroll through the gallery to see the inside.

Nashville, MI Man Builds Airplane RV From Real Plane Body

Gino Lucci, of Nashville, MI, spent a year building the plane RV at his home, and now travels the country with it and his family.

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