This GQ account of what happened in February the night of the Kalamazoo shootings is not for everyone. It's hard to read. The emotions are still recent and raw. The language is rough, Some of the unheard stories upsetting. But it is riveting reading.

Jason Dalton
Courtesy of the Kalamazoo County Sheriff’s Department

GQ Magazine has just posted a long, thorough account of the events of February 20th, that left six dead and two seriously injured. Writer Chris Heath fills in some of the events that happened between the shootings. He tells stories from some of those were either Jason Dalton's Uber riders or those who cancelled. And he spoke with law enforcement persons who were involved in the apprehension of Dalton and got their thoughts.

Reading through it just made me scratch my head and say the word that is the central point in the article, the unanswered question that we may never know the answer to: why.


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