A couple of important road projects in Southwest Michigan have received grants from the state of Michigan to get fixed. Morgan Road in Battle Creek, which connects Helmer Road (M-37) and Capital Ave (M-66) on the north end of Battle Creek, and Sauk River Drive in Coldwater, connecting South Michigan Avenue to South Willowbrook Road will be resurfaced.

Calhoun County's Morgan Road in Bedford Township is an important all-season route connecting M-37 with M-66. Heavy industrial and commercial use has contributed to the deterioration of the road and the pavement is nearing the end of its operational life. To preserve the road's all-season capabilities, the Calhoun County Road Department will mill and resurface Morgan Road from M-37 to North Avenue. - MDOT release

Calhoun County is pitching in almost $600,000 for the project which will cost over $900,000.

With the City of Coldwater's contribution, the Sauk River Drive project will cost almost $500,000, according to M-DOT.


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