A Senate Bill may finally stop taxpayer money being spent to cover union expenses.

Oh, you did not know that our government employees that are tasked to spend taxpayers’ dollars wisely were agreeing to contracts that paid government people to do union work?

Yes, your tax dollars are paying people to do union work.

When I learned about this years ago, I just could not believe it.  I still cannot believe that government bureaucrats can be so incompetent, corrupt, or complicit, you choose which one.

I have not heard a good explanation for this arrangement.

According to an article in the Lansing State Journal Senate Bill 280 sponsored by state Sen. Marty Knollenberg, R-Troy, “would prohibit public employers such as the state, cities and schools from negotiating union leave time into bargaining agreements or renewing contracts that already have such provisions. Leave time allows employees to take time off work to handle union duties such as grievances or contract issues without giving up their pay.”

Reading this, I still cannot believe this paid “leave time” was ever agreed to, can you?

Do you believe this could be construed as legalized theft?

The unions are saying that if taxpayers do not pay for government workers to do union work then these union people would have to perform union work on their own time and not get paid.

Can you believe that response?

I think I have a solution to their concern.  Now it took me a while to think about this and come up with this solution, but how about UNIONS pay their employees to do UNION work?

Wow, it took me so much thinking power to come up with that I have to take a nap now.

Hey, can I get a government bureaucrat to pay me for taking a nap since I solved their union problem?

Apparently the bill would not apply to unions subject to compulsory arbitration i.e. unions covering police and fire departments.

This bill received a hearing in the Education Committee and is expected to vote on soon.

I do not see any reason why this would not pass with flying colors.

Do you know of any reason why this bill would not pass?

Possibly you may have a good reason why taxpayers should be paying for people to do work other than their state job.

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