A large number of Michigan state lawmakers want China to pay up. Legislation is starting to move its way through Committee action in the state House to send an invoice, and demand payment from China, for the havoc created by the COVID-19 virus. Iron Mountain Republican Beau LaFave wrote the legislation which has won initial approval in the State House Military, Veterans, and Homeland Security Committee. Even one Democrat on the committee joined all majority Republicans giving the bill a thumbs up.  It’s called the Coronavirus Responsibility Reimbursement Act.

The essence of the bill says LaFave, is to literally come up with the price tag of the cost of handling the virus in Michigan. Then serve the invoice upon Chinese leaders and demand they cover it. Republican LaFave says it won’t be too hard to narrow down the amount of the bill. His plan is to have the State Treasury add up Michigan’s increase in unanticipated expenditures and then the decrease in anticipated revenue. The invoice to China from Michigan could easily be in the billions of dollars.

LaFave adds, “There’s no way to quantify the loss of human life – no money would ever be enough. But we can add up our direct and indirect costs incurred because of their maleficence and demand them to foot the bill.” The legislation is now in the hands of the House Appropriations Committee where it is expected to win quick approval. Maybe yet this week.

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