Fitness Centers and gyms across the Southern Lower Peninsula are scrambling to get last-minute preparations in order. They can reopen with lots of restrictions starting tomorrow morning. That’s the result of one of Democratic Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s latest COVID-19 virus control Orders. Most of the centers are trying to sort out how best to address the 25% of capacity restriction. The Governor’s order also indicates that all members at the facilities are required to wear masks unless exempt. They are not required for swimming.  But indoor pools at fitness facilities are also limited to 25% capacity.  Some are deciding to cancel group classes held in pools and limit usage only to lap swimming. Others are reworking schedules to try and accommodate both groups of users. The fitness clubs and gyms are finding they need to do some sort of rescheduling since they are required to regularly clean off equipment. They’re allowed to ask members to do that after each use, but most aren’t willing to rely on members to do that.

Fitness centers are also required to verify member's and users' phone numbers, in case local or state health departments, determine contract tracing needs to be done at some point in the future. And fitness facilities are ordered to close steam rooms, saunas, jacuzzis, and similar amenities. Bowling alley owners who recently dropped a lawsuit against the Governor after being told they’d get a considerate ear at the Governor’s office aren’t impressed. They’re allowed to open for league play but may not open doors to the general public for open bowling. Theaters in the southern lower peninsula are forced to remain closed.

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