How many examples do people need to be shown before people stop using their cell phone while driving?  Is the allure of the smart phone drug too much.

Mlive A person walking on I-75 after being involved in an alcohol involved crash in Chippewa County was struck and killed by a driver last January.  According to Upper Peninsula officials the driver was viewing and using social media on her cell phone when she struck and killed the pedestrian.

The driver and the three passengers involved in the original single vehicle crash had all been drinking when their vehicle left 1-75 and struck a reflector pole.  According to police two passengers in the original crash got out of their car and started to walk southbound in the traffic lane of I-75 wearing dark-colored clothing.

Chippewa County Sheriff Michael D. Bitnar stated in a statement:

“This incident is the culmination of many bad decisions by all involved parties ultimately resulting in the death of one individual...A split-second decision, could ruin your future, injure, kill and rip apart the hearts of loved ones, family members and friends. Put your phone in park”

Yes, in the original crash they were all drinking and driving. Yes two of them did get out of the vehicle and stated to walk in the traffic lane but and it is a big but if the driver who struck and killed the person was not using her cell phone perhaps the accident would never have occurred.

Our smart phones are very useful to all of us but with their use comes responsibility, a responsibility too many of us do not quite understand or care to understand.  It appears too many people either believe it will never happen to them or simply do not understand the danger they put themselves and other people in.

Now one life is gone and the other will bear a burden that I certainly would not want to carry for the rest of my life.

Stay off your phones while driving and only use a hands free device if you must talk and drive.

Please share this story and perhaps save a life.



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