Auto Insurance

Michigan Auto Insurance Too High or Not?
Michigan has had no-fault insurance since 1973.  The question is, is no-fault auto insurance to blame for the high cost of our auto insurance in Michigan.
According to the Mackinac Center for Public policy Michigan has:

At present, nearly 20 percent of Michigan drivers are uninsured, many because…
Detroiter's Can Get Out of MCCA?
Would it be fair to let some out-of-the-state, mandated, unlimited medical care coverage intervene when it comes to auto accidents?
Well, apparently State Sen. Virgil Smith (D-Detroit) and Sen. Joe Hune (R-Hamburg) think so.
I just finished reading an article in the Detroit News that informed me that …
Could Your Auto Insurance Go Down
According to a report by the AP Michigan’s Senate Insurance Committee voted 5 to 3 approved changes to Michigan’s auto insurance law.
The law would reduce the amount insurers must pay for medical care via Michigan’s Catastrophic Claims Association, esta…