Would it be fair to let some out-of-the-state, mandated, unlimited medical care coverage intervene when it comes to auto accidents?

Well, apparently State Sen. Virgil Smith (D-Detroit) and Sen. Joe Hune (R-Hamburg) think so.

I just finished reading an article in the Detroit News that informed me that Senator Smith and Hune have introduced a bill that would do just that.

Smith and Hune want to lower Detroit’s high auto insurance rates — one of the highest in the country — and to do that, they want to allow people to opt out of unlimited medical insurance via the MCCA and only carry a lifetime limit of $50,000.

Do you believe that is fair to the rest of us automobile owners in the state?

According to the Detroit News article, the bill would let insurance companies who sell auto insurance in Michigan offer plans with a $50,000 maximum lifetime medical benefits to Detroit motorists. These Detroit-only motorists would need to be at least 21 years old, have a good driving record, own a car worth less than $20,000, and have an income of less than 300% of the poverty level or about $35,000 a year. Also, this so called "low cost" insurance coverage would be limited to the driver of the car and would not cover passengers.

One problem I see with this bill is we will end up paying for their healthcare one way or another — if they do get into an accident and unfortunately badly hurt themselves.

As I read on, apparently someone else agreed with me.

As reported in the article, “Josh Hovey, spokesman for the Coalition Protecting Auto No Fault, said Smith's bill could bankrupt families of children injured in car accidents and force them onto the Medicaid insurance program for the poor.”

What are your thoughts?

Is it fair to the rest of us that must pay for the unlimited medical insurance here in Michigan?

Or because the charge for the unlimited medical coverage will be a flat rate of $150 per vehicle this summer, people who make 300% or less of the poverty level pay a much higher percentage of their income, and thus it is unfair to them?

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