Take A Look At Us, From Outer Space
Ever wonder what we look like from outer-space? Well, yes, we're microscopic. But, the view is pretty spectacular. Astronaut Scott Kelly posted an incredible photo taken from space. Take a look.
Best Days to See Harvest Moon in Kalamazoo
The Harvest Moon is upon us, Kalamazooligans!  With severe weather threatening to obscure our view, radar suggests the best night to glimpse it is tonight or Sunday.
So why do we call it a Harvest Moon?  According to The Old Farmer's Almanac, a Harvest Moon is:
January 28, 1986. Remembering The Challenger Disaster
There are certain events, mileposts and milestones that you will never forget. The Challenger disaster is one of them. The space shuttle exploding against the blue sky that morning is an indelible image for anyone who was watching it happen or afterwards on TV.
WMU Experts on Pluto
The New Horizons probe has revealed surprises about Pluto as its nine-year, 3 billion mile journey to the dwarf planet culminates. One surprise is that Pluto isn't the frozen, static dwarf planet we once thought it was, says Dr. Kirk Korista, chair of the WMU Department of Physics.