Allegan has eight original, small batch brewed beers to call its own as Tantrick Brewing Co opens for business.

Craft brewing is a hobby, a business and a passion in Michigan; a passion Patrick Westover is now invested in full-time as the owner and head brewer at Tantrick Brewing Co. When his longtime job was consolidated late last year, the entire family rallied and encouraged Patrick to pursue his dream of operating his own brewery.  Even than name is familial- "Tantrick" is a combination of the names of Patrick and his wife Tanya.

Let's talk about the beer. Brewed on the premises, Tantrick's initial lineup includes Tilted Kolsch, Happy Accident, Golden Mosaic Smash, McNally Stout, Hand of Ted, Hallum Mag IPA, Hopademic IPA and Applehension Cider. Growlers and howlers are available to go and they have a very unique mug club. Each glass hand-blown, created by Avolio GlassWerks in Kalamazoo's Park Trades Center.

I was on hand for the grand opening of Tantrick Brewing Co on July 28 and we enjoyed live music- something Tantrick may make a regular feature in the future. Take a look at some photos from the first day of business that put Allegan back in the craft beer business.

Bonus Video: A Late Winter Look at the Kalamazoo River at Allegan and Historic Second Street Bridge


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