Getty Images By: Bill Pugliano
Getty Images By: Bill Pugliano

A Michigan Administrative Law Judge Julia Stern has ruled that any public employee can resign form their union at any time of the year under Michigan's Right to Work law passed in 2012.

Due to that Judge Stern said Michigan largest teacher union the Michigan Education Association Union has been breaking the law since its passage, due to their enforcing of its month of August Dropout only policy.

With MEA's dropout only policy they would not accept a members resignation if it was not submitted during the moth of August.  Interesting because they also would not inform their members of their policy.  Do you think they would think it would be fair if a company they were trying unionize did not tell them the 1 month a year they could attempt to.

Judge Stern also ordered a "notice to union members" which states that MEA committed unfair labor practices in violation of the law. Union members are to be notified that the union:

  • Will not restrain and coerce employees in the exercise of their rights.
  • Will not maintain or enforce a rule that prohibits members from resigning their union memberships except during the month of August.
  • Will not refuse to accept the resignations of the Saginaw teacher involved in this case.
  • Will remove the August window from union bylaws or note that it is unenforceable.
  • Will notify the Saginaw teachers that their resignations from the union (which happened outside of August) have been accepted.

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