We all from time to time tend to cling to poll numbers during a Presidential campaign.  I have stated for years can we really trust all these polling companies.  If so, how does the ABC/Washington Post poll show Hillary Clinton losing 10 points in one week (she was up by 12 now she is up by 2) and those results do not include the latest FBI bombshell.

This just proves my point that these agenda seeking reports, what some call "Polls" can be easily manufactured to show whatever results the poll companies desire by simply tweaking the sample pool.  They are simply attempting to rig an election one way or another.  Without huge news to sway a poll how do you lose that much support in just one week, you do not.

It all has to do with the methodology in which the polling companies use.

For example:

  • What is the percentage of Democrats, Republicans and Independents did they use in their sample
  • Did they poll all voter or likely voters
  • Are they polling just people with land lines and not cell phones
  • Did they use ethnic oversampling as a WikiLeaks email exposed showing the Democrats 37-page poll-rigging guide on how to "include ethnic 'oversamples' as required" to manufacture the desired poll numbers
  • Are the people they are polling truly intending on voting for the person they selected at that time or are they truly unsure
  • Is there a large swath of people who had not voted in the past and intend to vote in this election

Some polls have been correct in the past so it is difficult to determine when we can believe a poll or not.  Or where those polls just lucky to pick the right winner?

One thing we can do and that is not let a poll sway your vote one way or another.  Also do not let a poll make you believe that your vote will not matter anyway, that is exactly what these agenda driven polls are attempting to do.

So go out and vote.

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