The poll numbers are all over the place and “Only God Knows Why”.

The latest poll by the Marketing Resource Group (MRG) of 600 likely voters between last Wednesday and this Monday has Senator Stabenow up by 18 points, 52%-34%.

Kid Rock (Robert Ritchie) has been hinting at a run for Senator Stabenow’s seat “All Summer Long”.  His main message is that we are all “Born Free” in fact free like a river raging.

We all know that polls could be misleading and they are only a “Picture” in time.

In fact last July Tafalgar Group had Kid Rock up by 3% beating Senator Stabenow 49%-46%, at that point he was probably thinking “Amen” and “Let’s Roll”.

In another poll performed last July by Target Insyght, Senator Stabenow was beating Kid Rock 50%-42%.

So as you can see the poll numbers shift quite a bit with time, if this race was to come true and as Robert Ritchie “I am Kid Rock” has said in the past he wants to be a “Cowboy” and maybe this cowboy would continue to rattle the establishment.

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