When touring the great city of Ypsilanti Michigan you may have the chance to pedal and drink!

The Ann Arbor city council allows the consumption of alchol while you are riding a bike, so the owner of the comapany 'High Five Pedal Tours'  Dave Cicotte  has taken it one step further. They would like to host groups of up to 15 on a unique tour the city, pedaling while enjoying an adult beverage.

According to Mlive...

"Prices for a two-hour tour can range from $350 to $400. Cicotte told council he takes customers on a variety of tours through Ann Arbor, including rides that focus on brew pubs, bookstores, or the city's "progressive" dining options.

"That's the way I approach the city - what I want to be is considered someone who promotes tourism," he said. "My philosophy doesn't revolve around being a bar-hopping bike."

Dave Cicotte says that he found local business to be very supportive of the venture, now everyone is waiting. It will not be until a future city council meeting that a decision about the 'Pedal Pub'  will be made. It is an issue of a roaming bar. Grand Rapids has something similar, it is the 'Great Lakes Pub Cruiser' but the title is misleading because you can not drink on the tour. You can however have drinks if you are on private property with the properties owners approval.

Ypsilanti in the fall riding on the 'Pedal Pub' could be a blast!

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