A Kalamazoo bar and restaurant was featured in Playboy.  Yes, Playboy.

Playboy published an article titled, "From Zombies to Pinball, America's Weirdest Themed Bars" and The Beer Exchange made the cut.  The Beer Exchange has 28 beers on tap and is different from any other bar in Southwest Michigan because of it's Stock Market style beer sales.  As you're enjoying your favorite beer, every 15 minutes or so, you'll hear a "ding, ding, ding", and the more popular the drink, the cheaper it becomes at that moment.  It is similar to the "market crashes" on Wall Street.

"Channel DiCaprio’s character in The Wolf of Wall Street to cash in on cheap beer. Prices oscillate just like the stock exchange, so make sure to watch the huge screen displaying all 28 beers on tap to nab your deal. To boot, there’s occasional market crashes to keep the happy hour that much happier."

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