George Peter Block, Jr. is originally from Illinois. But when he moved to Michigan, he found it fascinating that everyone in the Mitten State, LOVED everything about it, and how proud the people of Michigan were about the state. He was especially intrigued at residents putting maps of the state on their vehicles.

So, George Peter Block, Jr. did what he knows best - he sang about it, and released "The Michigan LP," which is 20 songs, all specifically about his observations about life in Michigan.

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Possibly the greatest thing about this album, and the music, is that it's educational. As a new Michigander myself, it's important that I absorb as much information about my new state as possible. And what makes everything easier to learn? SONGS! (I might have NEVER learned the Alphabet had there not been a song for it!)

In fact, there's actually songs introducing the ABC's of Michigan, "Michigan Counties A-Z," Michigan Towns A-Z," and you can learn about all the Michigan symbols in - you guessed it - "Michigan Symbols."

Learn what life is like being stranded in the UP with "Mackinac Bridge is Closed," and by far the best title of the entire album, "What's Good for the Michigoose, is Good for This Michigander."

But the standout song of the entire LP is the opener, "Michiganders."

It's fun, it's thoughtful, it seems to be kind of a love letter to Michigan from a recent transplant out of Illinois, and to be quite honest, it sounds great, and is produced VERY well. Not to mention, George Peter Block Jr., isn't just creative with his music, but also with the album art. "UP" standing for "Upper Peninsula" obviously, he uses "UP" in the literal version of "up" with the arrow pointed in that direction. And then "LP" standing for "Lower Peninsula," he also labels an album (often called "LPs"), and a bottle of Liquid Propane with the "LP" moniker.

Give the Michigan LP a listen below. Maybe you identify with some of what George Peter Block, Jr. is singing about. Personally, I'm taking notes like there's a test afterward.

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