I am starting to get tired of the establishment wing of the political parties, both Republican and Democrat, trying to shove their chosen Presidential candidates down our throats.  Have they forgot it is:

Is it not up to us the people to decide who the Presidential political candidates should be within the party or ideologue we believe in?

If “we the people” make the mistake it is “we the people” who will suffer.  If it is the party establishment that makes the mistake, or maybe not a mistake because it will benefit them, it is still “we the people” who will suffer.

I do not have a problem individuals in a party or the Super Pac’s advocating for the candidate they want, but I do have a problem with the attacks these people and groups wage against the candidates they do not want within their own party or ideologue.

They should use their money to advocate for the ideologue they espouse and why they do not support the other party or ideologues.   They should inform us why the other parties’ ideologue are not good for “we the people” and their ideologue and solutions to our problems are.

These people and Pac’s can spend as much time and money informing us on the candidates they support but why use that time and money to tear down the candidates they do not support and do not want within their own party?

The establishment in both parties have given us the candidates they want for decades upon decades and where did that get us; 19 trillion in debt, promises never kept and a country divided not by ideologue and solutions as much as class, race, gender and who we prefer to sleep with.

It is time we all stand as Americans and tell the establishment parties we have had enough of them.

We the people, within our ideologues do not care if you do not want Senator Sanders as the candidate in the Democrat Party or we do not care if you do not want Trump as the candidate in the Republican Party.  They may be who “we the people” want.

We do not care if you want Hillary Clinton or anyone other than Trump as your nominee.

It may be what “we the people” want.

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