If you have lived in Kalamazoo for any amount of time, we are willing to bet that you have already tallied up a list of your favorites spots and sites. Whether they come for the local brews or know the city as a college town, even visitors can't forget The Zoo! Over the weekend an article has exploded on local organization's social media - The Washington Post is giving Kalamazoo a shout out!

In their article, "You're going where? Kalamazoo is tired of your Creedence Clearwater Jokes," The Post confirms what many people haven't been able to believe - Yes, there really is a Kalamazoo! Businesses in town get a good name drop for making the city so appealing, like the newer addition of the Alamo Drafthouse and the long standing Bell's Brewery. But the driving factor behind this fun article is the way our city seems to rally behind art. Maya Koth, the article's author, sites a conversation she had with Bell's Brewery Founder, Larry Bell:

Kalamazoo really over-indexes on the arts for a city its size,” adds Bell, who points out that the community of just 75,000 manages to support an 85-year-old theater company, a 94-year-old symphony orchestra and a 35-year-old modern dance troupe."

So,  congrats Kalamazoo - you've made it on the map, and we have had a little help from the Washington Post in sharing the news that we REALLY are here! You can read the full article by Maya Koth, here. 

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