We have been seeing this reaction to the words “Merry Christmas” since shortly after former President Obama was elected.  Now with the election of President Trump the mad at everything in my life and world crowd is getting even louder.  Now their “news” media and pundits are joining in on their pity tour.

The other day Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch appeared on the Fox and Friends show hosted by Ainsley Earhardt to talk about his recent book “A Republic, If You Can Keep It”.  Ainsley said “good morning” to him and his reply shocked the mad at everything world.

I want to warn you if you are younger than 18 or are reading this piece out loud and children are in the room, you might want to keep this next part to yourself.  In response to Ainsley’s “good morning” Supreme Court Justice said:

Merry Christmas

I know can you believe that filth dribbled out of his mouth?  I considered putting different characters in replacement of the “err” and “hist” but I finally decided against it.

Check it out for yourself:

Some Democrat Sean Kent tweeted:

Senior writer for progressive outlet The American Independent, Oliver Willis tweeted:

Can you feel the love in the room, it is like a warm hug from your drunk and smelly Dad on Christmas day.

These people really need to get a life and stop with the hate everything tour, it must be miserable to live with such hate in your heart, soul and mind.  Can you imagine being in their circle of friends or God forbid living with these people.

Oh I just realized I used the word God, I apologize to any Democrat I might have offended, got you not really.

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