The Fourth of July is now just a few days away but for many living on and around Torch Lake it’s still 2015. Last year during the fourth as many as 10,000 people crowded onto the sandbar to swim, drink, dance, lose track of their clothes and then drink some more. Some folks reportedly became so intoxicated they urinated openly in front of the crowds and some- well yeah, let a number two fly right there as well.

In April a lawsuit was filed to block the massive water rave from happening again this year. The suit was brought by The Torch Lake Protection Alliance and accused three different groups promoted the party and asked for those to be blocked from ever doing it again. All three are now prohibited from promoting or attending such parties in the future, including Brooks Ehlert known as DJ Fade, who last year said until the laws are changed he would continue to party on the public sandbar.

The State Police announced just a couple of weeks ago that they would be quadrupling the number of patrols on Torch Lake this Fourth of July weekend.

The question is will young people that have been told to stay away from a huge party with lots of boats, beer and nudity will actually stay away. I wonder if the party will be larger this time around.

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