Just when I thought I had seen it all when it came to skateboarding, a new project started by some friends in Traverse City has added an even more challenging element to skating. It's hard enough to pull off tricks on dry land, but what about when you put the half pipe on a pontoon boat and take it out on the lake. It seems like that is the plan for Project Dry Wave. This was apparently all done entirely for fun by a small group of people living our best lives in Traverse City, Michigan. I spoke to the person who made the Facebook page and they informed me how this all came together:

So a few friends and I were sitting at a restaurant, the Bayview inn bar and grill in Traverse City. It all started as a joke, but the more we talked about it the more fun it sounded. We already had an old halfpipe, so we found an affordable pontoon on Facebook marketplace. $2500 and 6 weeks later, here we are.

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This isn’t the first halfpipe boat however, as there’s been a few made by professional skaters and Redbull, and the creator has found a couple amateur ones. However, he's confident that their creation will be the coolest one ever made

We are making this to be not just a cool boat, but also a work of art. Tomorrow we are painting a mural on it, be sure to stay tuned. When we launch the boat, there will be a concert on it. Yea baby live music, funky synthesizers, drum machines, and of course some sick guitar riffs.

This Michigan Airbnb Is Both A Boat And Home

The Floathaus of Saugatuck is a combination of a pontoon boat and a house. The Floathaus comfortably sleeps up to four people with room for six with one bedroom and a loft featuring two queen beds and a couch that pulls out. There is 500 square feet of finished space with a kitchen, fridge, microwave, and a table that folds down. There’s a shower and a bathroom. Outside there are two decks to enjoy. There are also two adult kayaks for guests to use and access to the waterfront pool at the marina, along with a park that has a playground and grills.


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