President Trump promised the American people he would do whatever he could do to have a vaccine for COVID-19 shipped to the American people by the end of the year.  Well, he once again came through with one of his promises and the first shipments of the first of several Trump vaccines were shipped out yesterday morning.

Pfizer’s plant right here in Portage Michigan on Portage road south of I-94 is where some of the Trump Vaccine was manufactured and shipped from.  The vaccine will be shipped to all 50 states.

According to Fox News, this first wave of deliveries will be delivered to 150 locations with an additional 450 sites being supplied in their second wave on Monday and Tuesday. The first shipment will be delivered by Monday morning to healthcare workers who will receive the first shots so they can then administer the shot to others.

No one can dispute that President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed is a massive success.  Many professionals in the healthcare field said they have never seen or would have dreamed of seeing such a success like this.  Operation Warp Speed is an extremely large partnership between private companies and the government put together by the Trump administration.

America owes President Trump, his team and the private companies a debt of gratitude.

The states will decide the order of who will get the Trump vaccine with guidance from the CDC.

Let’s hope this is one of many successful Vaccines and treatment successes against COVID-19.

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