There are some funny things in Michigan, but I don't know if any of them top this two-story outhouse that sits in Cedar Lake, Michigan. How comfortable would you be using the restroom, with someone else going right above you? There's little room for privacy, and multiple theories have been concocted as to the origins of the house. However, an author who was friends with a member of the family cleared up some of those rumors:

The More Pragmatic Reason

This unique outhouse was once connected to a hotel and general store. The upper level was the family home and the lower a general store that was run by Nelson's wife. Later owners converted the lower level into a hotel or boarding house. The two floors "openings", despite rumors, are not directly above each other. Rather they are offset with the lower floors openings set forward and the upper more to the back of the hollow rear wall of the guests privy. Also, to prevent any 'SPLASHING' there was a board placed into the ground between the two outlets.

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Another site claims it was a way for a father to protect his children:

William Nelson, was looking out for the privacy of his wife and seven daughters. Hoping to keep the women separate from the lumberjacks and other customers frequenting his general store on the first level of their dwelling, he built a two-story outhouse with the top level accessed by a walkway from the second floor of the house. This unique privy had eight separate seats (read: holes), with four on each level.

Regardless, this outhouse is definitely something you have to go out of your way to see. Although it's in the process of renovation, please don't use it.

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