Really, is this what it comes down to?

A Michigan citizen decides do exercise his lawful right and the UAW throws a hissy fit and attempts to terrorize the member and any future members from doing the same.

What am I talking about?

I just read an article in the Michigan Capitol Confidential news site that the UAW is publishing the names of their membership who chose to opt out of the unions.  These employees have decided to end funding what appears at time to be a corporation/organization that is using the tactics of a criminal organization.  You may be upset with me making that statement but let me lay out the reasons I said that:

  • Their threatening actions i.e. publishing the names of members who opt out
  • Physically assaulting people who disagree with their views: remember when they attacked/rushed a large tent on the grounds of the state capitol and brought it down on senior citizens
  • A union member at the offensive on the state house grounds physically attacked a member of the press by punching him on film. Our state police did nothing about it and to date the thug has not been arrested or fired from the union.
  • I have been informed by many union members who beg me to keep their identity anonymous that their union leadership will attempt to strong arm and scare their members if they are doing something the union membership does not like

The article has a quote from Bob Brezovsky, the president of the UAW’s Tool & Die Unit, in which he wrote in the union's online publication: “The employees listed below have chosen not to pay union dues any more but still want everything that dues paying members get in the contract. These names and anyone else that chooses to stop paying their fair share will be posted in every article.”

Is it time to start publicizing everything these union management bullies do?

One of the union members put on Bob Brezocsky’s hit list said “he doesn’t hide the fact he chose to leave it, but said he does feel vulnerable now that every UAW member has been alerted to him exercising his option.”  The word “SCAB” was written on his uniform locker at work.

Another example of criminal intimidation, how long will you stand for this?

Terry Bowman another former union member who opted out left UAW Local 898 and is now the president of Union Conservatives.  This union is a nonprofit that keeps their members informed about relevant political and labor issues, was quoted in the article saying “it is definitely union bullying, it causes a hostile environment and they hope that environment will stop anyone else from leaving the union. They want a hostile environment towards those people who exercise their additional rights, freedoms and protections that come from the state’s right-to-work law.”

I understand the unions/corporations management are upset because they are or are worried they will slowly lose their power and cushy 6 figure salary high paying jobs. I believe that when they use these tactics they have gone over the line and should be held responsible for anything that happens to these members they call out.

Should the union management be held accountable for these bullying tactics?

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