A thought came to me as I was working out and thinking about the headlines I read right after my show yesterday.  One of those headlines was in the Detroit News and read:

WSU, MSU, Central and more suspending in-person classes due to coronavirus

With that in mind Michigan State University wrote a letter to all students, parents and facility that stated:

MSU is suspending face-to-face instruction in lectures, seminars and classroom settings and moving coursework to virtual instruction. This suspension of in-person classes will last until Monday, April 20 and we will reevaluate this decision on an ongoing basis, sharing additional updates or modifications as more information becomes available.

MSU and other colleges and universities have decided that they will not have any classroom instruction for 5 1/2 weeks; this should be a very interesting experience.

Here is my thought; if the schools feel it is sufficient to teach these students via online courses then why would their students and parents believe they need to pay such high costs to go to their universities and colleges for the upkeep of their campuses and their buildings and bloated staffs.  No more buildings, no heating or cooling of their buildings, no janitorial staff, no groundskeepers hardly any staff would be needed.  Just a few teachers/professors per subject and technology people.

If the online classes are sufficient, not only could you get rid of their campuses but I imagine that 20 professors for a certain subject would no longer be needed and that number could be cut down to 5 or less.

That would mean we could cut the costs of our children’s higher education by 75%. 

This will not only save students and parents quite a bit of money it will also fix the future student loan debt crises of our young people. 

Did I just solve two big problems with one simple idea, an idea created by the schools themselves?

Now let us move on to high schools.  Would not the same theory be correct if high schools believe that online learning would be sufficient?

I am going to bet the teacher's unions and the layer upon layer of administrations will not agree with that thought.

Do you?

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