Nice to see the young Social(ist) Warriors are rising again today. Nice to see in the name of 'tolerance' the petulant little progressive fascists are attacking freedom of speech because of their own intolerance.

Shutting down highways and city streets and inciting violence in the name of peace is utterly ridiculous and I believe Americans are smart enough to know what's really going on.

Socialist puppet master George Soros is the one funding the riots and Hillary and Move On dot org  which really is all the same. He is also able to pull the strings at such places as newsrooms for ABC, NBC and CBS.

Other feckless weasels like Mitt Romney and Lindsey Graham are also aiding and abetting the cause in an effort to protect the DC money train. Which when you look closer maybe that is really the bottom line. The Bushes, Clintons, Soros, Romney’s and all the rest fighting against the one thing they cannot control- an actual outsider who is not willing to tow their line. An outsider that may well upset their apple cart loaded with fruit plundered from their own fellow citizens. Maybe it is just too much to risk and maybe it’s preferred to have Hillary in office to maintain the globalized cash cow.

Sadly the little fascists are too stupid to realize what truly useful idiots they are in the whole Washington money and power machine.

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