I don't about you, but I've never met a lottery winner. But with Michigan's anonymity law, I wouldn't have known anyway, unless I'd been told. But the Michigan Lottery sent a press release today. A Vicksburg man won $300,000. It's only a few paragraphs, but it reads like you'd want it to read about someone finally cashing in. David Elben II cashed in the scratch-off ticket on Friday, and says he looking forward to going on camping trips with the family, and moving into a nice house.

“I can’t believe I scratched off a $300,000 winner,” said Elben.“I’m looking forward to taking trips with my kids. I’ve worked hard my whole life to provide for them and it will be nice to be able to give them the childhood they deserve.”

The newly minted lottery winner joked  “I’m a popular guy now! My ex even called me up and wants to get back together!”





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