A Michigan woman’s video helped Yellowstone National Park officials ticket a man who was wandering and exhibiting strange behavior near Old Faithful geyser which erupts every hour or so. The man's actions between eruptions startled a crowd of a couple hundred people at the park's most famous attraction.

Ashley Lemanski, a native of Huron County’s Harbor Beach, shot the following video while bizarre events were unfolding. Her video has gone viral with over 1,000 shares and nearly 90,000 views. In it you can see the man clearly putting himself in danger by standing close to Old Faithful and behaving in a very bizarre way.

At one point, he laid on the ground near the gurgling hole. Lemanski said that some of the onlookers thought he was going to jump in. At one point, the man even appeared to be urinating on the geyser while a park ranger repeatedly yelled at him to get to safety. Rangers finally caught up with the man after he eventually walked back onto nearby boardwalks.

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