Walnut & Park Café, which is names after it's intersection street name locations has announced that they'll be adding a 2nd location inside of the new Harrison Circle Apartments building in Kalamazoo. In a Press release, KPEP announced how the new café plans to help students grow and prepare to enter the workforce:

Like the original Walnut & Park – named for its corner location in the Vine neighborhood – the new café is staffed largely by students of KPEP, a community corrections provider based in Kalamazoo. Led by a management team, the staff members are students or graduates of the KPEP hospitality program, a rigorous 8-week vocational training program that equips men and women who have been incarcerated with job skills to live independently.

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Hours of Operation

The café is open every morning from 7 a.m. until 11 a.m. and can seat up to 32 people. Currently with a limited menu, they eventually plan to offer lunch favorites from the original location in the new one.

Harrison Circle Staying Busy

Harrison Circle Apartments have been busy since opening recently, and this 2nd location isn't the only thing that has been added. It was recently discovered that Brewery Outrè, which had been in the building which shares taprooms with Valhalla, already has signage up and there is lots of work being done on the interior, which you can see from the outside along with all the brewing equipment.

Harrison Circle apartments recently opened, offering what they consider to be low-income apartment rentals, along with fully priced apartments.

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