The 36th (or so) annual DooDah Parade needs you. It's not a parade without the goofy, wacky, call it what you want, fun of great entries. And collectively, we desperately need a good laugh. So if that's you, you need to get entered by Friday.The DooDah Parade is Saturday, June 3rd. With the demise of Greekfest, its now the remaining highlight of Super Saturday (or June Jubilee) And actually, entering is easier than ever, as you can do it online; just click here.

The Parade organizers say, based on early entries, this year’s parade looks like it will be filled with dancing queens, poop panties, bobble heads, and vegan vegetables.

Banana Car
Photo: Dave Benson

And speaking as a 30-year veteran of the DooDah Parade, there's even more to spoof and parody. Just look around you, on TV, social media; there are plenty of targets. As long as it's not in poor taste, it's certainly DooDah worthy.

Here's what happened at last year's parade.


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