If only job offers in all of our lives could earn this kind of reaction.

The Seattle Seahawks chose Texas A&M offensive lineman Germain Ifedi with the final pick of the first round of Thursday's NFL Draft. He took the phone call and celebrated with his posse in tow. And, why wouldn't he? Unlike scores of college graduates who'll have an easier time finding Blockbuster video stores than job offers in their fields of study, he's got a job, with good money, to boot.

What's neat about this pick is that not only do see Ifedi cheering after he learns he's been chosen, but we also get to see the Seahawks brass talk to him. Ifedi chats with head coach Pete Carroll and general manager John Schneider.

Think about any time you've ever gotten a job. Odds are it wasn't by a phone call with a war room of big wigs on the other end. No, it was probably from the night manager at the Taco Barn, who needed you to come in right then because Sally couldn't make it in to her shift after her boyfriend's Camaro broke down on the side of the interstate, leaving her with no way to get to the restaurant on time.

No? That's just us? Oh, well. Enjoy watching the newly-formed marriage between Ifedi and the Seahawsk, anyway.

And, if that doesn't get you excited, well, watch the Cal football team when they learn quarterback Jared Goff was selected first overall.

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