Sleeping Bears Dunes National Lakeshore is asking for the public’s help.  Apparently dead large lake sturgeon are washing ashore. The Sleeping Bears Dunes National Lakeshore put out a call for action on their Facebook site stating:

“We need your help! This Lake Sturgeon, currently listed on the Michigan Threatened Species List, was found along the Sleeping Bear Dunes shoreline. We have had this occur multiple times this summer. If you find a Lake Sturgeon washed on shore, please notify our Natural Resources Department immediately at: 231-326-4757. 

Lake Sturgeon live longer than most humans. They are easily identifiable with their elongated bodies, flattened snout, toothless mouth on the underside of the head, and instead of scales the body is covered in five rows of large, prominent bony plates, called scutes.”

According to Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources:

“Lake sturgeon are a unique fish species in Michigan. They are an important biological  to weights of up to 200 pounds and lengths of seven feet, with females being longer and heavier than males. Their typical lifespan is 55 years for males and 70 to 100 years for females.

Lake sturgeon are listed as a threatened species in Michigan. Commercial fishing of lake sturgeon is currently prohibited in Michigan and sport fishing is closely regulated. There are many specific regulations for recreational fishing for lake sturgeon in Michigan.”

What is happening no one appears to know as of this reporting.  What are your thoughts

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