We all know about former Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton and her illegal use of a personal email server while she was Secretary of State.  We also know that because of her use of a personal server she had the ability to delete more than 30,000 emails she produced or received while a government employee, another illegal act.

Well now we are being informed via reporting by The Daily Caller that President Obama and/or his administration deleted 190 speeches and statements on the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) website.  It gets worse, not only did he delete them but they were all deleted a day or two before he left office.

Sounds a little suspicious to me, how about you?

We never would have known this if not for research conducted by the Sunlight Foundation, a nonpartisan organization that advocates for government transparency.

What were in those speeches, well according to the article there were:

statements made by high-ranking ICE officials regarding controversial immigration topics such as sanctuary cities, E-Verify, treatment of detainees, and other issues were included in the reported deletion

Interesting, very interesting.  I was under the impression, because the media kept pounding it into our heads that the Obama Administration was supposed to be the most transparent in history.  Guess the media got that one wrong also.  As a side note does the media ever get much right these days?

The Sunlight Foundation stated that:

With a couple of clicks of a mouse, access to a federal government web resource containing 12 years of primary source materials on ICE’s history was lost

What was specifically in the speeches; well one was given by former acting ICE Director Thomas Homan and delivered to the Senate Judiciary Committee in February 2016.  In that speech he informed the committee of the “Unaccompanied Minor Crisis”.  That was the crisis President Obama was ignoring, along with the Russians tampering with our 2016 and prior elections.

Another speech given by ICE Director Homan in May of 2016 was deleted, one in which he was explaining why sanctuary jurisdictions put “the public at risk”.

Now you see why former President Obama and/or his Administration deleted those speeches just a day or two before he was out of office.

The Sunlight Foundation stated:

It is not inconceivable that an outgoing Democratic administration might want to avoid preserving these public stances for future scrutiny...The removal of the ICE speeches collection represents the loss of a primary source history of the early days of ICE, dating back to its creation during the George W. Bush administration in 2003.

It appears a very large abundance of sunlight needs to be shined on the Obama Administration, then you will see all the rats and cockroaches temporarily exposed and then scurry for the umbrella of the liberal media.

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