I have lived and visited many parts of this country. I have also extensively visited many parts of Europe and I can tell you I was always happy to come back to America.

I am truly grateful for the United States and all of opportunity that is here if you are willing to work hard, take chances and are willing to fail and get up dust off and try again.

We should all feel grateful for the police and the working men and women in our FBI and CIA considering how inept and corrupt their leadership was under Obama.  They provide us with the relative security we have in our country when we see all the turmoil and war around the world.

We should be grateful for the economy we have even under President’s like Obama who tried his hardest to put as many anchors as possible on it such as increased regulations, taxes and his extremely negative attitude about businesses, remember his famous “If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen” line?   Under Obama we only averaged an annual growth rate of 1.48%.  That was the weakest of any expansion since at least 1949.  Obama was also the only President to have not had even one year of 3% GDP growth. Yes his annual growth rate only averaged 1.48% but considering his attempt to constrain our economic growth we still had positive growth.  Now under President Trump our economy is doing much better than Obama’s and many say doing very well, especially for the minority community and the working man and women.

We should be grateful for the free exercise of religion even though our government along with one of our major political parties are doing everything they can to minimize the importance of religion and ostracize and mock those who believe in a God.

We should also be very grateful for a President with all his foibles; those of us who do not have any should be the first to cast a tweet, who truly cares about America and all of its citizens.  He has been the most attacked President of all time; the Democrats and their biased media, some Republicans, bureaucrats, intelligence services and the government establishment in general, basically all of those who believe they are our “ruling class”.    With so many government people and agencies which includes the news media, are doing everything they can including making stuff up, he still is fighting for himself and the American people.  He refuses to give up and let the swamp creatures win.  He is upsetting the money changers tables and they are fighting in every possible way and will to their very last sulfur smelling breath.

I know of a man who faced those same forces years ago.

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