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Well we just finished one election cycle and now on to the next.  Former Democrat State Senator Democrat Gretchen Whitmer has thrown her hat into the ring to become Michigan’s 49th Governor.

This is no surprise I have been hearing for quite a while that Ms. Whitmer wanted to run for governor.  Ms. Whitmer is in the political tradition of former Governor Granholm.  The question we as citizens of Michigan have is do we want to return to the policies of Governor Granholm?  Those policies by most measures put Michigan in a downward spiral when it came to employment, quality of life and public education.

What I have trouble with understanding is Ms. Whitmer’s quote in a Detroit News article when she said:

For too long, our leaders have been content to manage our decline. We went from leading the nation to lagging. If we want change, we can’t wait for Washington to solve our problems. And we can’t elect the same old politicians, on the same old platforms and expect a different result. We can do better. We deserve better.

Do you actually believe that Governor Snyder as well as the Republican controlled State House and Senate has been managing a decline or did they actually manage the state out of the decline former Governor Granholm put us in?  What is Michigan lagging the nation in, Ms. Whitmer did not explain that statement.

Ms. Whitmer can have disagreement with the policies and laws set forth and passed by Michigan’s House and Senate but she cannot claim that they managed a decline when most if not all of Michigan’s traceable numbers has been in an ascendency.

Michigan’s unemployment rate has steadily declined during Governor Snyder’s six years in office.  In December of 2011 (Governor Snyder was sworn into office in December of 2011) Michigan’s unemployment rate was about 10% as of November of 2016 the unemployment rate was 4.9%.  When Governor Granholm left office there were more people moving out of Michigan than moving in.  For the last 5 years our population has been increasing.  There is more money spent on public education by Governor Snyder and the Republican controlled House and Senate then Governor Granholm’s last year.

Ms. Whitmer where is the decline that the Republicans have been managing?

As a State Senator Ms. Whitmer was against the citizens of Michigan having the “right to work” without being forced into a union.  Ms. Whitmer was also against any type of religious exemptions when it came to the state forcing an established religion to kneel to their demands.  Ms. Whitmer was also a proponent of tax payer funded abortions.  Now you can be for abortions but to make someone in Michigan who is against abortions, which many believe is the killing of an innocent life, pay for someone else’s abortion using tax dollars is pretty extreme in my opinion.

Again the citizens of Michigan need to decide if they want to go back to the failed policies of former Michigan Governor Granholm or look forward to continuing the success of the policies of Governor Snyder and the Republican controlled State House and Senate.

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