We all have heard that people are hoarding surgical masks and hand sanitizer that I can understand but toilet paper, really people.


On the way home yesterday I stopped by Sam’s to purchase some items.  While walking by an aisle I noticed there were quite a few empty bays. I walked up to those bays to find out what was supposed to be in them and determined it was supposed to be stocked with toilet paper.  I spoke with a person who stocks items at Sam’s and he told me that in the last 48 hours they have sold over 2,800 cases.

What is it with people and hoarding toilet paper in this situation?  I saw the following meme that makes a good point:

TP meme

I looked it up and found a site that states the average person in the United States uses about 100 rolls of toilet paper each year.  That sounds a bit high to me, I could believe 50 to 75.  Now, this could be a problem today if we actually were getting our toilet paper from China but we do not.  We imported less than 10% of our toilet paper in 2017 and most of that came from Canada and Mexico.

It appears Americans have quite a bit of anxiety about not having enough toilet paper so perhaps we should have a federal strategic toilet paper reserve and house them right next to the strategic oil reserve.

Some say that people hoard in times like these because it makes them feel secure.  Ok but toilet paper, why not M&M’s?

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