So there was supposed to be a viewing of the Northern Lights this weekend as far down as Ohio, so why wasn't it visible in Michigan or the U.P? Well if you are wondering what happened or if you were looking for the Northern Lights this weekend it turns out the Earth only got a small blast of energy this weekend so the Northern Lights couldn't be seen. The Earth only got a small blast of energy from the sun, and if it got a bigger blast then that triggers geomagnetic storms, which in turn bring the aurora.

According to USA Today, to get a superb aurora, a more direct hit is needed, and "we only got clipped by the trailing edge of the blast of particles from the sun, so it didn't amount to much of anything."

Usually the Northern Lights can only be seen as far south as the Canada-US border but if there is a strong energy force then lower Michigan can get a glimpse of it. If you want to check out some pictures that people got of the Northern Lights you can check it out here. 

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