A week ago, it seemed like General Manager Bob Quinn, Head Coach Matt Patricia and the Detroit Lions were all in. Then, there was the Seattle loss on Sunday. What a difference a week makes.

Lions picked up defensive lineman "Snacks" Harrison from the New York Giants. Lions fans were rejoicing. Giants fans were screaming. Things were looking up. Then came a very uninspired effort against the Seahawks. And now the
Lions' best receiver, Golden Tate, is on his way to Philadelphia, in exchange for a third round draft pick.

You can make the argument that Tate was north of 30 years old, which in football for a receiver is old. You can make the argument Kenny Golladay has been playing like a
number one receiver at times, and that the Lions still have Marvin Jones. But you also have to question why a team that is only one game out of first place would part with it's number one receiver. It's definitely good news for Tate, who joins the defending Super Bowl champion Eagles.

This trade does raise questions about this season. You can build for the future all you want, but eventually you do have to win. For the Lions, it's been 61 years now....and counting.

Detroit Lions v Dallas Cowboys
Now former Detroit Lion Golden Tate at ATT Stadium on September 30, 2018 in Arlington, Texas. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)


It's too late now (trade deadline has passed), but would you have traded Matthew Stafford, to say a team like the Jacksonville Jaguars, for a pair of No. 1 draft picks. Or do the Lions believe they're only a player to two away?


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