Problems that are currently happening involving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict have got passions high all over the country, and Kalamazoo is no exception to that. When things like this happen politics get thrown right into the center of discussion and that’s when things start to get heavily debated and argued depending on where you stand. While others do their talking online and behind a computer screen, others choose to go out and make public demonstrations, and sometimes that can lead to vandalism. Such is the case, as sometime on May 19th or early morning May 20th, the standing wall at Heritage Hall on Western Michigan Universities' campus was vandalized with spray paint expressing their feelings towards the situation.

TSM Mark Frankhouse
TSM Mark Frankhouse
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The words: "FREE PALESTINE, FROM THE RIVER TO THE SEA" were spray painted on the standing wall as you can see above. The issue has also been covered from hard news sources to Last Week Tonight host John Oliver, who said in a recent episode:

One side has suffered over ten times the casualties, something which speaks to both the severe power imbalance at play here and how that often gets obscured by how we choose to talk about it.

The NY Times has also reported there have been many children deaths as well:

In the past week, Israeli strikes in Gaza have killed 212 people, including 61 children, and wounded about 1,400, according to the health authorities there.

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