If you've never heard of Paqui Chips' One Chip Challenge then you're really missing out on some super spicy fun. Basically this one individual chip made by Paqui Chips has been turned into a challenge. Paqui's One Chip Challenge involves eating the World's Hottest Chip, made using the Carolina Reaper, the hottest chili pepper in the world without eating or drinking anything for a full hour after. The Carolina Reaper has a Scoville measurement of 2.2 Million. To put that into perspective, a jalapeno pepper only measures around 2,500 on the heat scale...so it's pretty damn hot.

Recently a fundraiser was put in place by  Western Michigan student Mark Canner for children who come to Bronson for care and treatment. Recently he decided to make the One Chip Challenge a part of the fundraiser to add a little fun to the holiday tradition. What he was able to do was get faculty and staff from the Family Medicine residency program at Western to do it as well.  In a Facebook post the explained:
The sweat and the tears were real last week when faculty and residents from the Family Medicine residency program in Kalamazoo took part in the Paqui Chips #onechipchallenge. Their efforts were for a good cause to help with a holiday fundraiser launched by M3 Mark Canner to collect new board games, card games, and coloring books for patients at Bronson Children’s Hospital.
Here was their reactions to the challenge:
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WMU Faculty & Staff Take One Chip Challenge


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