The family name will live on, long after she's gone.

A woman in Turkey, believed to be between 110 and 115 years old, reportedly has 430 grandchildren. Think about that: if they all came to visit, it'd be a fire hazard. If they all came to visit, it'd have to be catered. If they all came to visit, she could pay off her mortgage by charging admission.

The woman, identified as Sahe Tayurak, has been married three times. She has two kids from her first marriage and five from her second. That's seven kids in total and getting 430 grandkids from that number is remarkable, so we have to wonder if she actually has 430 grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren.

​Sahe's oldest son is 90 and her youngest is 60, while the range of her grandchildren spreads from two to 70. That's 430 grandkids in a 68-year range -- unless her kids are all NBA players, that just doesn't seem possible.

Amazingly, Sahe is in good health, which is probably a relief for her family, which needs her to babysit.

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