Karma's a female dog. Oh, yes it is.  A woman's Facebook rant about being inconvenienced at an Indianapolis restaurant on New Years' Eve because of a 70's woman's heart attack, has gone viral and has cost the ranting woman her job.

Kilroy's Indianapolis
Photo: Google Street View

A woman named Holly Jones, a hair stylist in Indianapolis, went to Kilroy's Restaurant/Bar with some friends for New Year's Eve.

Unfortunately a 70 year old woman suffered a heart attack during the evening. Paramedics were called and the situation, as you'd imagine became somewhat chaotic. This really bothered Holly . . . because it delayed her bill.

So she posted on Kilroy's Facebook page: "Having our meal ruined by watching a dead person being wheeled out from an overdose, my night has been ruined!

"We were screamed at and had the manager walk away from us while we were trying to figure out our bill being messed up. [He] also told us someone dying was more important than us being there, making us feel like our business didn't matter."

And as a follow-up, when the salon where Holly worked found out about the post, they fired her. One again, karma is a female dog.

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